Hypnobirthing Resources

After successfully using hypnobirthing during the birth of each of my children, I am continually asked about this amazing natural childbirth technique. In order to help spread the word, I decided to setup this web site that is loaded with resources and information about hypnosis birth (or hypno-birthing as it is often called.)

I began to get interested in hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my first child. My cousin told me all about it and how it great it worked for her. I borrowed some of her books and cds and quickly realized that I would love to try it. I signed up for classes and contacted a doula as well.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was so calm and relaxed that the nurses wanted to send me home…but I delivered my baby 2 hours later! It was a great success for me since I was able to deliver completely naturally, virtually pain free, and managing to stay fairly calm and relaxed throughout. Despite being very pleased with my birth experience, I was still eager to learn more about hypnosis birth before having my next child.

I soon learned that there are many different hypnobirthing methods including Hypbirth, Hypnobabies, the Mongan Method, Blissborn, the Leclaire Method, and even a few others! I began looking into each method and talked to a lot of other women as well. The birth of my second child was even easier!

Since then I have recommended hypnobirthing to many of my friends, but I always stress that they need to find the method that will work best for them. Unfortunately there was never a good site that explores the pros and cons of each method. That’s what led me to develop Hypnobirthing Resources. You may want to start by checking out my Comparison of Hypnobirthing Techniques.

If you are interested in taking classes, please be sure to review our directory of Hypnobirthing Classes. This is only the only national hypnobirthing directory that includes HypnoBirthing practitioners, Hypnobaby instructors, and Blissborn educators. And if you would be more interested in a home study course, we have reviews and information on the three most popular Hypnobirthing Home Study programs.