Compare Hypnobirthing Techniques

When women first hear about hypnosis birth, they usually have no idea there are many different hypnobirthing techniques, each with their own proponents and detractors. So after making the big decision to try hypnosis birth, they have another big decision to make: Which method is best for me?! Many women borrow a book from a friend or just sign up for the first method they stumble upon. But if they end up with a hypnobirthing technique that is not suited well for them, this can lead to a painful and difficult birthing experience.

Each of the major hypnobirthing techniques has some great success stories, but the key is to find the method that suits your learning style and your personality. I am one those women who stumbled around before I found what works for me, which is the main reason I created this website. I wanted a place to review all of the methods so you can compare them. Here is the list of the most popular techniques:

Hypnobabies: Hypnobabies Home Study Course Plus 2 Bonus MP3s
This program was developed by Kerry Tuschhoff after she lost confidence in the other hypno-birthing courses that she was teaching. Hypnobabies is based on Gerald Kein’s Painless Birth Method, but Kerry has refined it based on her own experiences along with feedback and suggestions from the many women who have used it. This is a phenomenal program that uses true medical hypnosis to eliminate the fears and pains of childbirth. The Hypnobabies home study course is a great option for this, but she also has a network of instructors that teach classes.

Blissborn: Blissborn Homestudy Program: Natural Childbirth Education
The Blissborn Homestudy Program was developed by Laura Wood and Shelley Black. After trying many trying many different natural birth programs they finally realized that hypnotherapy is the key. They became clinical hypnotherapists and developed the Blissborn program, which uses real hypnosis to relax the mind and body, release fears, and eliminate pain. They offer a complete course that includes a parent guide, 5 class CDs, 6 hypnosis practice CDs, and The Blissborn Movie on DVD.

The Mongan Method (Also known as HypnoBirthing): HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing.
Developed in 1989 by Marie Mongan, an educator and hypnotherapist, the Mongan Method is a very popular hypnobirthing technique that teaches you to use your natural birthing instincts in order to have a calm and serene birth. While it is possible to just buy her book and work through it on your own, I do not recommend this approach at all. This program has been designed around five, 2½ hour classes. When you sign up for the class you also get her book, 2 CDs, 5 scripts, and many other handouts and resources. While this is the most expensive method (usually in the $300-$350 range), many women find the classroom interaction to be invaluable. While other methods often have classroom options as well, HypnoBirthing has the largest network of practitioners.

The Leclaire Method (Also known as Hypnobirthing The Original Method):
The Hypnobirthing Bundle for Happy Hypnomoms and Blissful Hypnobabies

This hypnobirthing technique was developed in 1987 by Michelle Leclaire O’Neill PhD, RN. Dr. O’Neill works as the director of the Mind Body Center in California and developed this as a complete childbirth education program. It’s a very holistic method in which she works to combine current science with “ancient wisdom”. Her hypnobirthing techniques include self-hypnosis, meditation, and visualization. Training material is available as a bundle with a book and 3 CDs, and this is the most budget friendly package. It’s an effective method that has helped many women, but it is best for those who are very comfortable with alternative and holistic approaches to medicine.

Hypnobirthing Hub (Kathryn Clark):
Hypnobirthing Home Study Course Manual: Step by Step Guide to an Easy, Natural and Pain Free Birth
Kathryn Clark is a Pregnancy and Birth Counselor with training in psychology, counseling, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. Her hypnobirthing program uses a combination of self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, and relaxation tools. This course teaches you to let go of any preconceptions about the pain of childbirth and to make room for calm confidence, and the best possible birth experience. There are also a series of eight CD/MP3 albums that go along with her home study manual.