How to Choose a Doula

What is a Doula and why are they helpful with hypnobirthing?

A doula is a non-medical assistant who provides physical and emotional support with childbirth. While there are several types of doulas, this article will focus on birth support doulas who provide assistance to the mother during labor. Doulas are a great resource for hypnobirthing because it is so important to remain calm and relaxed during labor. The doula can be your advocate during the process and help ensure that your birth preferences are honored.

Seven things to consider when choosing a birthing doula:

1) Location: They need to live close enough to you that they can get to the hospital quickly when you go into labor.

2) Availability: Make sure the doula is not over-committed during the time near your due date. Also check to see what their backup plan will be if they are not available when you are having the baby.

3) Hypnobirthing Experience and Training: You will want to choose a doula that has worked with hypnobirthing mothers. The Mongan Method and Hypnobabies offer doula training through workshops or workbooks.

4) Certifications: Your doula should also be trained and certified by an organization such as DONA International.

5) Recommendations: Check with your friends to see who they used and how they like them.

6) Rapport: Most importantly, make sure you have a good feeling of trust and empathy when you meet with the doula. It is extremely important that you both feel comfortable together.

7) Price: There’s no reason to feel awkward discussing money with a potential hypnobirthing doula. It is important to find a doula that works within your budget.