Best Hypnobirthing MP3 Programs

Many of the leading hypnobirth experts are now offering Hypnobirthing MP3 downloads. They are usually quite a bit cheaper than the CD’s, and they will save you the effort of transferring the disc to your iPod.

Kathryn Clark & Hypnobirthing Hub
Kathryn Clark offers a complete hypnobirthing home study MP3 program. The course is designed to help you let go of preconceptions about painful childbirth, and to make room for calm confidence. Kathryn has extensive training in psychology, counseling, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. Her hypnobirthing MP3 classes have received great ratings with many positive testimonials.

Gabrielle Targett
Two of the most popular hypnobirthing MP3 albums are by Gabrielle Targett, who is best known for her book A Labour Of Love: A Guide To Natural Childbirth Without Fear She is an Australian birthing expert and her MP3s are one of the least expensive ways to get started with hypnobirthing.

  • Hypnosis for Birth MP3 1 includes two tracks: Pregnancy Relaxation and Peace at Birth. Pregnancy Relaxation is a 15 minute track which can be listened to every day to help with deep relaxation and breathing techniques that will help with childbirth.  Peace at Birth is for women who are in labor and want to let go and enter into a calm and relaxed state.
  • Hypnosis for Birth MP3 2 also includes 2 tracks: Empowering Yourself for the Birth Ahead and Peace at Birth–Completely Letting Go.  Empowering Yourself is 27 minutes long and takes the listener on a visual journey to imagine the birth ahead.  It is meant to be listened to once or twice a week as you prepare for your hypnobirth.

Michelle LeClaire O’Neill
Michelle Leclaire O’Neill who is known for the LeClaire Hypnobirthing Method is now offering a couple of her CD’s as MP3’s. She has two hypnobirthing MP3’s to choose from:

If you are interested in the LeClaire Method you may also want to pick up a copy of her book, Better Birthing with Hypnosis. This book has gotten great reviews and has excellent information on hypnobirth techniques.